Bairnsdale Golf and Bowls Club: Paynesville Road, Eagle Point

LOCAL GOLF RULES  (To be read in conjunction with the rules of golf)

1. The following areas are classified as out of bounds:
    - Beyond the clubs boundary fence
    - The clubhouse and car park

2. If a staked tree or staked shrub interferes with a players stance or the area of intended swing, the player
    MUST take relief as provided in Rule 24-2b (i).  The ball may be cleaned when so lifted.

3. All sprinkler heads are immovable obstructions and relief from interference by them may be obtained under
    Rule 24-2b. In addition, if such an obstruction, on or within two club-lengths of the putting green of the
    hole being played, intervenes between the ball and the hole and the ball lies within two club-lengths of the
    intervening obstruction, the player may obtain relief under Rule 24.2b.

4. Stake Markings:
    - Water Hazard...............Yellow Stakes and/or lines.
    - Lateral Water Hazard.....Red Stakes and/or lines.
    - Ground UNder Repair......White Stakes and/or lines.
    - Out Of Bounds..............White Stakes with black tops.

5. All Hazards stakes are immovable obstructions. Relief to be obtained under 24.2b.

6. Drains leading from and inside bunkers are immovable obstructions.
    Relief to be obtained in accordance with Rule 24.2b.

7. Garden Beds are Ground Under Repair, play is prohibited and the player MUST take relief. Rule 25 applies.

8. If the ball strikes overhead power wires the player MUST replay the stroke in accordance with
    Rule 20.5 without penalty.


Please remember that correct dress must be worn at all times on the course or in the clubhouse.

    Neat casual dress at all times.
    all shirts must have collars. No Football type shorts, singlets or tracksuits.
    Shoes & socks must be worn at all times (short socks must be Prominently WHITE).
    No metal spike golf shoes.

    Tailored walk shorts, Slacks, skirts or Knickerbockers with a skirt or sweater permitted.
    No strapless blouses,singlets or short skirts. Shoes must be worn at all times.
    Shoes worn out on the course are not permitted in the clubhouse.
    No tracksuits.